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Star Wars, Episode II - Attack Of The Clones  

The following was sent in to us by one of our regular reviewers. It's an overview of the story and plot from Star Wars Epsiode II - Attack Of The Clones and is very SPOILER HEAVY!!! If you do not wish to know anything about the story of Episode 2, please do not read on. As our scooper says, some of the information may not be entirely accurate, but has come from reliable sources.
Thanks to 'G' for the scoop. You know who you are......Paul.

One of the most anticipated films in history, "Star Wars Episode II" is
now less than two months away from completion. Internet spies have been abuzz with insider rumors, and spy pictures of the top secret film production. I am often asked to speak at local conventions about upcoming films and the latest rumors on Star Wars, and what follows is an overview of the film based on several sources who have been factual in the past. Be warned, the overview may contain spoilers and I am not claming it to neither be the storyline, nor do I claim to have seen the script, rather the overview is based upon information obtained through sources that have been reliable in the past. Episode II starts 10 years after the events of "The Phantom Menace" viewers will be told via the famous scrolling text that a charismatic separatist, Count Dooku, who is a former Jedi who left the order shortly after the death of Qui Gon Jinn, has the systems in a state of civil war as they try to break from the Republic. Since the Jedi are overwhelmed trying to keep the peace, and
since the Republic has not had a standing army in generations, a bill is introduced in the senate to create a clone army to assist the Jedi.
The first shot of the film is said to be Senator Amidala arriving in her
starship for the cloning vote on Coruscant. No sooner does her ship land than an explosion rocks her ship killing one of Amidala's decoys. To many, Amidala has been killed, but the real Amidala is safely aboard one of the escort fighters transporting the transport. A Senate scene is said to follow where despite support for a clone army from Amidala, and Senator Jar Jar Binks, the issue is left unresolved at the day's end.

It is at this point that Amidala is reunited with Obi Wan Kenobi and his
Padawan learner Anakin Skywalker. The two Jedi have been assigned to protect her, and despite not having seen Amidala in ten years, Anakin is captivated by her, and is insecure as he feels that she has forgotten him.
There is little time for idle chat as a second assassination attempt
is made on Amidala and the two Jedi follow the would be assassin, Zem Wassel, through the lower levels of Coruscant in what is said to be a visual spectacle before catching up to her in a Bar. It is when trying to enter the bar that Anakin shows some signs of his eventual fall, when after a Alien bouncer refuses to allow the Jedi, Anakin reaches for his lightsaber in order to gain access to the club at any price. This backfires as the alien grows to four times his normal height, and it takes Obi Wan to calm and resolve the situation. Obi one is said to say after the event, "Anakin Skywalker, you will be the death of me someday".

The Jedi succeed in locating Wassel and just when she is about to provide key information, Wassell is killed by a second assassin lurking in the shadows. The only clue is a dart like weapon that is left at the scene.

The Jedi council orders Anakin to escort Amidala back to Naboo and protect her, while Obi Wan is ordered to get the source of the assassination attempts. Obi Wan learns that the dart weapon is called a Kyber Dart and is located on a planet knows as Kamino.. Oddly enough, the people of the planet are said to be expert cloners.
Anakin and Amidala travel to Naboo, and visit her family and the new queen Jamala, all the while developing their love for one another though Amidala is hesitant as she thinks the timing is all wrong and the Jedi Code discourages the Jedi from getting married as strong emotional attachments can set the stage for emotional instability and thus sliding to the Dark Side of the Force. Obi Wan arrives on Kamino, and is greeted warmly by the locals. He is shown a cloning facility in full production, and learns that the troops that Jedi Master Sido-Dias has ordered are ready. Obi Wan is perplexed by this as he knows on no Sido-Dias, especially one who claims to be the head of the Jedi Council. Obi Wan is soon introduced to the template for the Clone army, Jango Fett.

It does not tike Obi Wan long to realize that Jango was the mysterious assassin who killed Zem Wassel and a battle between Jango, Obi Wan, and Jango's Young clone son Boba Fett erupts in a rainstorm. The fight looks to be a masterpiece of technology and will set the new standard for digital effects, as raindrops interact with Obi Wan's lightsaber while Jango uses his rocket pack in an attempt to defeat his Jedi foe.

While Jango and Boba Fett escape, Obi Wan is able to place tracer on their ship to follow them to their next destination. After a chase through an asteroid field, Obi Wa's ship is disabled and no longer capable of following Jango's ship. Obi Wan takes the infotmation obtained from the tracer and contacts the Jedi Council.

It is at this time that Anakin has a vision of his mother being in danger
and borrows a ship from the Queen of naboo to travel to Tattooine.
Upon arrival on Tattoine, Anakin heads to Watto's shop and discovers Watto has fallen on hard times and has lost his ability to fly. It seems that Watto has sold Anakin's mom to a moisture farmer named Clieg Lars who has married Shmi and lives with his son, Owen and Owens girlfriend Beru out on the edge of the Dune Sea.

Anakin arrives at the farm to learn that his mother has vanished and Tusken Raiders are suspected as the cause. Anakin finds his mother barely alive after a Tuskin attack and she dies in his arms. Anakin begins his slide to the darkside by taking his lightsaber and killing the nearby camp of Tusken including many women and children, he returns to the Lars homestead bitter thinking that if he had not left to become a Jedi, she would still be alive. It is at this time that Amidala completes C3PO from parts of scrap coverings that she found, and C3PO and R2-D2 are united once again.

It is unsure what happens next, but somehow Amidala end up in the hands of Count Dooku's minions forcing Obi Wan and Anakin to mount a rescue as the Jedi mass an all out attack on the hiding place of Count Dooku, a planet known as Genosis. It seems that Genosis is where the battle droids are built, and a new style known as the Super Battle Droids are being built to fight the Jedi.

Just when things look bad for Obi Wan, Anakin and Amidala following their capture, Mace Windu and army of Jedi arrives, and a full-scale battle between ensues. It is during this battle that Mace Windu kills Jango Fett, thus planting the seeds of hate for the Jedi in young Boba's mind. During the battle, a group of Jedi invades a droid control ship, and learns that a trap has been set, and that the steaks are much larger than anyone ever expected. The Super Battle Droids lay down an awesome amount of firepower, and even a Jedi has a hard time deflecting the shots and some even resort to two lightsabers to fend off the shots.

Obi Wan and Anakin enter a battle with Count Dooku who tempts the Jedi
to the Dark Side and soon has both the skilled warriors at his mercy. Suddenly, Yoda arrives with a large assortment of clone soldiers he has picked up from Kamino, and the tide of the battle has turned. Yoda comes to the aid of the Jedi and engages Dooku in combat. Dooku is no match for Yoda who battles Dooku into submission, just as Yoda is about to deliver the death blow to Dooku,

Dooku manages to get away and escapes onboard his solar sailor ship.
The Jedi are victorious but the cost in lives has been staggering as many
of the Jedi, including half of the Jedi Council are dead. Only Yoda, Mace Windu, and two others are left alive.

Count Dooku arrives on Coruscant as is greeted by Darth Sidious, who addresses Dooku as Darth Tyranus, and congradulates him for starting the war, and having things go as planned. Anakin and Amidala marry in secret on Naboo, and the film is said to end with Mace and Yoda talking as Clone troops enter transports to head of for battle, as the Clone Wars have begun.

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