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Ecks Vs Sever  

Ecks Vs Sever Expected Release Date U.S. : 2002/ 2003
Expected Release Date U.K. : 2002/ 2003
Expected Rental Release Date :

Ecks Vs Sever Cast :
Antonio Banderas, Lucy Liu
Director :
Wych Kaosayananda
Written By :
Alan B. McElroy
Producers :
Elie Samaha
Other Known Crew Members

Ecks Vs Sever Based On : Original story.
Premise/Synopsis :
A cat and mouse thriller in which two rival spies go after one another.
Genre :
Action/ Thriller

Official Site :
Fan Sites :
Trailer :
Released By :

Status : Shooting

How excited are we : 7 Out Of 10

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Latest updates

More set reports for Ecks vs Sever now shooting in Vancouver, this time from our man Roman,

"I was just in Vancouver on the way home from Whistler and caught some of the
action at the library on Robson. The crew was filming a scene where Lucy
blasts some dude off the top of the library. Fell straight down and landed
on top of a cop car. Nice fx as the car flattened and a wheel blew off.
Not bad for a Friday night in Vancouver when there is no Canucks game going
(thanks to Roman) have bagged an exclusive pic from the set of Ecks Vs Sever of Antonio Banderas himself. The pic was scooped by Kelvin Chavez and you can see it by clicking here.

Ecks Vs Sever is shooting over in Vancouver at the moment and our man Shane has a little goss on where they're doing......

"I live in Vancouver where they are shooting Ecks vs Sever right outside my school doors... I look out the window and see Antonio and Lucy Liu... two days ago they blew up a truck in our alley... we had to clear out of the school... They are shooting down the street at the Vancouver Public Library for 10 days next week so I can see them anytime..."

Thanks to Shane for the info.


Dark Horizons have posted a pic of Antonio Banderas at work on the set of Ecks Vs Sever. Go on and check it out.........

Updated : 27/7/01
Ecks Vs Sever is a movie that sees two spies going after one another? It looks set to star Antonio Banderas? Ring any bells? Think back to Assasins where you had two assasins going after one another, starring Sylvester Stallone and........Antonio Banderas. Most hated that movie, but in my own sad little way, I kinda liked it. Still, this is coming from a Thai director that goes by the name of Kaos and looks set to star Lucy Liu opposite Banderas. But previous names attached opposite one another included Wesley Snipes vs Jet Li, Banderas vs Chow Yun Fat and even Stallone vs Vin Diesel. Now it looks like it will pit a female spy against a male in what looks like a promising cat and mouse thriller.

Filming is set to begin by the end of the year.

Date Page Created : 27/7/2001 Date Last Updated : 4/2//2002

This page has no intention to infringe on the rights of the film and intellectual copyright holders of Ecks Vs Sever & hold copyright over the movie, characters, merchandise & storyline.

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