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Mr. Deeds  
Starring Adam Sandler, Winona Ryder, Steve Buscemi, Peter Gallagher, Jared Harris, John Tutturo
Written by Tim Herlihy
Directed by Steven Brill

View the trailer: Windows Media (Stream)
Full Trailer: Quicktime
Official Website:

Released by Columbia Pictures/ New Line

ETA: June 21st 2002
Based on the 1936 Frank Capra classic Mr Deeds Goes To Town. Babe (Ryder) plays a TV reporter sent to investigate a small town guy who
has inherited a tabloid newspaper from his uncle and then added his own small town news into it.

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Latest updates

4th May 2002: Mr Deeds Updated:
The full trailer for Mr Deeds is now online over at the Apple website in glorious Quicktime. Go see it.

Just added the trailer and links to the official Mr Deeds site that has recently added to. The trailer is available to download over at Adam Sandler's official website in Windows Media (Streaming), go there to download it. Also at, you'll find images from the movie as well as the first poster (see top of page) and another video download which shows a 90 piece orchestra recording the films score. Download that from here.

So you still want more news from the set of Mr Deeds? You wanna see some pics huh? Well, here you go. The town of New Milford, CT have a website loaded with stills! Loads of 'em including all those pretty Corvettes lined up on Bank Street. So, what are you waiting for, get over to their site now!!!

1/6/01 (3rd update)
Even more news is coming in from the set, this one from 'Sherri',

"The filming has begun on "Deeds" here in New Milford, CT. Yesterday the
street was lined with Corvettes for one scene. They are supposed to have a
snow scene this week at some point, weather permitting. Adam Sandler is signing autographs for the kids and letting them take pictures. He seems to be very nice and stops to wave to the people watching on the sidelines.
The Bistro restaurant has been converted into Deed's Pizza along with a change of scenery for the movie theater. Now "showing" until the end of filming will be Lawrence of Arabia and Close Encounters of the Third Kind. The jewelry store was made into a pharmacy and the travel agency was converted to a jewelry store. Other new additions to the town are a big & tall men's shop and a new name for our local newspaper. The studio has lined the street with trees and flowers that many of the people in town are hoping they will leave behind." (Thanks to Sherri).

1/6/01 (2nd update)
News on the film shooting over in New Milford, CT is coming in thick and fast with two new scoopers sending me info on the production.

"I live in New Milford, CT where they are filming some of the movie. They
are filming right now in the center of New Milford at a pizza parlor called
"The Bistro". They made a different sign for the movie calling it "Deed's
Pizza". They will also be filming down the road from me at the private
airport on Candlewood Mtn. RD for a couple of days. They had about 20 brand new Corvettes parked along the street in the center of town where the pizza parlor was located because in the movie when Deeds gets rich, he buys everyone a Corvette." (Thanks to Dan).

And more news regarding those red Corvettes,

"My father, along with 30 other red and magnetic red corvette C5 drivers went to CT today to film Mr. Deeds. Apparently the story is supposed to be about a guy who falls in love with a corvette driving woman, then when he comes into money he buys everyone in the town a new corvette!"
(Thanks to Mary)


I received this yesterday from one of our scoopers; 'I have a **tiny** bit of information on one of the locations in which the film is being shot. I live in New Milford, CT where they are filming some part of the film. The crew has done a major cosmetic overhaul of a section of our (small) downtown shopping district. This includes changing the storefronts of quite a few shops (some very amusing), installing a fake park (w/large monument) as well as converting a fancy Bistro resturaunt into a Pizza Parlor.'

'Shooting in town began today (30th May), and I'm told will go on for about a week. Businesses on the street are open, though it is blocked off for about 15 - 20 min. at a time durring actual shooting. I'll be putting up a page with a couple shots of the location sometime in the next day or so. I may even get a couple of filming at some point, if I find myself with time to hang around town.' (thanks to Rob Hyman).

Update: 25/4/01 - Page Created.

Images Heat Magazine

Some very cool shots from the set have appeared in UK magazine Heat this week. Check out the two above of Winona Ryder, appearing in the movie as Babe, the films love interest. This is probably the scene in which Babe (Winona's character) falls into some ice only to be rescued by Sandler. In that second shot it looks as if she's reading from a script. Look out for another pic in the next couple of days.

This page has no intention to infringe on the rights of the film and intellectual copyright holders of Deeds & hold copyright over the movie, characters, merchandise & storyline.

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