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BAD Company  
Starring :
Written by :
Directed by :
Based On : Bad Company (2000AD comic book strip)
Created by : Peter Milligan

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Released by :
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Bad Company is a 2000AD comic book strip created by Peter Milligan. The story tells of Danny Franks, Kano and a company of misfit soldiers fighting against the alien Krool threat on the planet of Ararat. Weirdly Kano has been operated on and half his brain is Krool.

2000AD was owned by Egmont Fleetway in 1998 and after the sale of the rights to the Judge Dredd movie FFTV (Fleetway Film and TeleVision) was set up to try and sell the rights to the other 2000AD characters owned by them.

Bad Company was one of the properties that was owned, and the directors of FFTV included Harley Cokeliss, Duncan Heath and Ileen Maisel.

It was hoped that Peter Milligan would a script for a movie if the rights were sold.

But, as so often happens, nothing happened. That may now change however as 2000AD has new owners in the shape of Rebellion. Rebellion are a games production company and are best known for the huge selling Aliens Vs Predator. They too are looking at selling the rights to the 2000AD roster of characters. So far they have been succesful in selling the rights for Outlaw, the production of which appears to have stalled.

Will they now manage to sell the rights to Bad Company?

We shall have to wait and see!

This page has no intention to infringe on the rights of the film and intellectual copyright holders of Bad Company & hold copyright over the movie, characters, merchandise & storyline.

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