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Jay & Silent Bob Strike Back  

Jay & Silent Bob Strike Back
Directed By: Kevin Smith
Written By: Kevin Smith
Starring: Kevin Smith, Jason Mewes and a bunch of other people
Rated: R (Crude Language & Sexual Humor)
Running Time: 90 Min.
I have just returned from seeing the Kevin Smith film Jay & Silent Bob Strike Back, and I must say that I am appalled by what I have experienced. Until now, I had always regarded Kevin Smith as a respected and respectful filmmaker whose imaginative and witty films had never failed to provide a refreshing relief from those of the usually bland Hollywood movie machine. With the coming of
Jay & Silent Bob Strike Back, all of this has changed.

You may already be aware of the enormous controversy surrounding the release of this film, since it has been extensively reported in the press. I had rather naively disregarded these reports as shameless exploitation by those seeking to slander Kevin Smith to further their own agenda and gain much sought after media attention, but after sitting through ninety non-stop minutes of extremely mean-spirited, ignorant, stereotypical and socially intollerant humor, I've realized that my off-hand dismissal of such reports may have been premature. If you've been living in a cave for the last couple months, not that there's anything wrong with that, and haven't heard about the great controversy to which I refer, please allow me to clue you in. Most of the so-called jokes in
Jay & Silent Bob Strike Back are targeted directly and purposefully at a relatively small but vocal social minority. I am of course referring to the intellegent, fair-minded, freedom-loving men, women and children who express their passionate views regarding today's cinema by way of the World Wide Web. Yes, based on Jay & Silent Bob Strike Back, Kevin Smith must really hate people who discuss movies on the internet.

Well, Kevin... here's what I have to say about that, and if you find my opinions offensive, then GOOD. I think Jay & Silent Bob Strike Back is a stupid comedy with stupid characters doing stupid things. Jay and Silent Bob are stupid, and no one should attach any importance or credibility to anything they have to say or do - Wait... um, the characters were always intended to be two dumb stoner guys, weren't they? Hmm... let me recap for a second... Jay and Silent Bob are stupid... they're ignorant... they shouldn't be taken seriously... it's just a stupid comedy... gee, you know, it seems that I've completely missed the point of this film! Upon further reflection, I must say that Jay & Silent Bob Strike Back is indeed crude, stupid and politically and socially incorrect, but it also happens to be FUNNY. Yes, it's FUNNY. REALLY, REALLY FUNNY!

Kevin Smith, my most humble apologies. You are more wise than I could ever hope to become. Your talents and creative spirit are beyond reproach. You are a true Jedi Master of the cinematic arts. On behalf of the Guild Of Online Film & Entertainment Review Scribes (G.O.O.F.E.R.S.), I salute you. Jay & Silent Bob Strike Back is a truly wonderful 'thank-you' treat from Kevin Smith to his fans, and a great send-off for the characters of Jay and Silent Bob. Kevin Smith rules!

So, if you enjoy Kevin Smith's work and the humorous, foul-mouthed ignorance of Jay and Silent Bob, then go see this movie. The plot follows the exploits of the two morons as they embark upon a cross-country quest to stop a Hollywood film based on themselves and their superhero alter-egos. It includes many inside jokes for Kevin Smith's fans, cameo appearances by many Hollywood personalities, and the very talented and positively luscious Shannon Elizabeth as well! If, however, this type of film doesn't strike your fancy or you've never