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Lord Of The Rings : Fellowship Of The Ring  
Ian McKellan, Viggo Mortensen, Liv Tyler, Sean Bean, Cate Blanchett, Ian Holm, Elijah Wood, Sean Astin, Brad Dourif, Hugo Weaving, Bernard Hill and Billy Boyd.
Written by Peter Jackson, Frank Walsh, Stephen Sinclair and Philippa Boyens.
Produced by Barrie M. Osbourne and Peter Jackson
Directed by Peter Jackson

View the trailer: Low Res | High Res

Status: Released.
Released by New Line Cinema
ETA: December 19th 2001. DVD expected August and November 2002.

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Latest Updates

Peter Jackson has revealed a little more about the DVD release of the first Lord Of The Rings movie, The Fellowship Of The Ring. Apparently there will be two seperate releases, the first hitting shelves in August. Then in November, just before the second film hits theaters, a special edition will be available that will include thrity minutes of unseen footage. "There's a lot of character scenes, the thirty minutes is sprinkled right the way through from one end to the other, it's integrated into the film," Jackson told Empire Online, "There's a very famous sequence from the book where Galadriel gives the Fellowship gifts, which we didn't have in the theatrical release even though we shot it. There's a lot of really nice moments between characters. We carved the movie right back to keep the pace fairly relentless for the cinema but on a DVD you've got a little more flexibility. You can develop the characters more, there's more information about who they are, what they are and where they come from."

Just been browsing the DVD site where I came across a dvd that will be released on the 19th of this month on region one, Beyond The Movie - The Lord Of The Rings (National Geographic). Here's the content description,

"A Fascinating Exploration Of How This World Reflects Our Own.
This extraordinary documentary explores the facts behind the fantastical world of THE LORD OF THE RINGS. This National Geographic special studies the origins of J.R.R. Tolkein's magical world and how the tangible world we live in mirrors that of the realm of the popular fantasy. Using behind the scenes footage, interviews with both the filmmakers and historians, and scenes from the live action movie, this informative study is fascinating for both fans of cinema and history".

Sounds pretty cool, and mines already ordered. Check out Play for more details.

8/1/02 are auctioning various memorabilia from Lord of The RIngs. There are advertising a 10x8 inch print signed by Sean Astin, Billy Boyd, Dominic Monaghan and Elijah Wood (cuurent bi £80 as I write this), a limited edition Hobbit print (of same 10x8 signed print, with certificate) and there's a limited edition print of Bilbo Baggins too. The bidding on the original signed print will close this Friday, with the others closing on Sunday, so click on the above links now!

The world premiere was held in London's Leicester Square last night. The Odeon played host to the first screening of this years most anticpated movie with Liv Tyler, Ian Mckellan, Elijah Wood, Viggo Mortensen, Sean Bean, Dominic Monaghan, John Rhys-Davis, Ian Holm, Hugo Weaving, and director Peter Jackson all attending. (go to Reuters for a full report and pics)

And critics are being quoted in saying that the Fellowhip Of The Rngs movie is 'Hotter Than Potter'. The Daily Express; "Harry Potter, prepare to fall on your broomstick." The Daily Mail, "Critics who gave five-star ratings to Chris Columbus's competent but uninspired Harry Potter movie are going to have to find ten if they are to do justice to The Fellowship of the Ring." CHUD have posted their review, "This really is an epic, one that combines all the ingredients to create something rich and memorable that'll endure for generations as The Wizard of Oz, Star Wars, and so many of Disney's films have." Click for the full review.

Meanwhile a rare first edition of the Lord of The Rings novel has gone on display in the British Libaray along with a first edition of The Hobbit and letters from author J.R.R. Tolkien to his grandson. They will be on display until the end of January. (reported on Ananova).

Check out our review in a few days time, but if you;ve see The Fellowship Of The Ring, we'd love to hear what you thought. Email me with your views.

Two press reviews for 'Fellowship' have come in, both very positive. One is from The Hollywood Reporter and the other from Variety. Here's a little of what Variety columnist Todd McCarthy had to say, Pic's main problem, however, is inherent in the odyssey-like structure of the tale; the "and then, and then, and then" nature of the narrative becomes necessarily repetitive and even a bit wearisome at times, and ultimately arbitrary in the sense that one battle more or less with the Orcs, Ringwraiths or Uruk-Hai wouldn't have made much difference. Lack of dramatic arcs involving rising action, relaxation and interconnecting story strands unfortunately makes the film's running time feel pretty much like the three hours it is." (appeared at Variety and Aint It Cool)

Two tickets for next Monday's world premiere of The Fellowship Of The Ring have sold for over £4,000. The tickets were auctioned on internet site Ebay. new Line Cinema offered the tickets for just 70p, but the final selling price ended up to be £4,281! The package includes the chance to attend the post-premiere party on December 10 in London. (appeared on Ananova)

Liv Tyler reckons that she clocked up a world record for air miles travelled while appearing in Lord Of The Rings. She frequently flew back to New York during the shoot to spend time with her mother Bebe Buell and boyfriend Royston Langdon, lead singer of band Spacehog. "I got so homesick that I knew I wasn't going to be able to stay out there that long without getting back.
Sometimes I'd fly back just for a week but it was always worth it. I imagine I must have set a record for any actor appearing in a film". The actress said.

Tyler also commented on her role of 3000 year olf Elf Princess Arwen in the movie which premieres in the UK next Monday, "Arwen was 3,000 years old, which was really weird to play. How do you play someone who is 3,000 years old?," She said. Her role in the movies have been increased compared to Tolkiens books, "I think Peter and the writers thought there wasn't nearly enough female energy. The only female energy came from the big, black spider that kills everybody and Galadriel
." Tyler was speaking to The Mail On Sunday and Ananova.

Major update time, first i'll start with todays news.

Here's a link for the latest TV commercial that was recently aired in the US. It features great footage of Sauron, and its pretty tasty. TV Commercial (High Res). (appeared at Aint It Cool)

This came in from Ananova.

'Lord Of The Rings star Elijah Wood says he was under "immense pressure" making the film.
Wood plays the role of Frodo Baggins in The Fellowship Of The Ring. He says he wanted to create the role of Frodo as readers of Tolkien's book would see him. Wood said: "The pressure was immense. I don't think I've ever had to work so hard physically. "Frodo came with baggage - he has been set in stone for people who've read the books. "People have their own interpretations as to what he is, and there was pressure to make sure my Frodo was what they had envisioned." (from Ananova)

Ananova also reported today that residents of an Essex estate are worried that movie fans will steal some of their road signs. Some of the roads in the South Woodham Ferrers estate are named after some of the characters and places from the books by Tolkien. Two such examples are Gandalf's Ride and Great Smials. (From Ananova, The Mirror newspaper).

One of the first reviews of The Fellowship Of The Ring has come in. The review, by David Anson for US magazine Newsweek rated it above Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone. He also warned that the film may bee too violent for younger children. "It has real passion, real emotion, real terror, and a tactile sense of evil that is missing in that other long current movie dealing with wizards, wonders and wickedness.
Jackson's fierce, headlong movie takes high-flying risks: it wears its earnestness, and its heart, on its muddy, blood-streaked sleeve." He wrote. "Cate Blanchett's appearance as a white-robed, golden-locked Elven queen is like mediocre pre-Raphaelite calendar art."

To recap, the film will come in at around three hours in length and will have its world premiere in London's Leicester Square next Monday 10th December. The film opens on December 19th.

As the page hasn't been updated for a while due to our re-design, here's some links for the trailer. Trailer Low Res | High Res - Teaser Quicktime | Real

Finally if you're hungry for more movie stills, there are dozens over at this Czech site.


Image (c) New Line Cinema
Dark Horizons posted two promo posters from The Fellowship Of The Ring the other day. One of them is displayed on the left. Also, going back a few days, Aint It Cool commented that the film is now officially finished. But now that the rumour may be false as 'Moriarty' over at AICN states that the content is now completed, but there is still some music and special effect type stuff to be added. The film has been locked and rated (by the MPAA in the States) at 2hrs 45mins.

Ian McKellan has posted on his own website that the world premiere for the first Lord Of The Rings movie could take place here in the UK, although he hopes that there would be a second premiere over in New Zealand where the film was shot.

Wanna see some footage from The Lord Of The Rings party over in Cannes? Yeah, sure ya do, so here it is courtesy of those guys over at the French Premiere website. Check out all of those reconstructed sets by clicking here.

Okay, this is what people have been waiting for, views on that preview that has just taken place over in Cannes. Well I have links below to the two more respected sites that have posted reviews. Here it comes; Aint It Cool News (2 reports, very positive) and French Premiere had this to say about the event (see their review here) 'Peter Jackson briefly explains that these 20 minutes of film introduce the main characters in one full 14 minutes sequence edited and completed from the first episode, then a 6 minutes epilogue should give an idea of what the second and third episodes are about. Their choice is quite smart. Right from the beginning we feel it is going to be huge. Star-Wars look like pale TV series compared to that.'

It's so difficult keeping up with the number of 'Rings' pics that crop up everyday on the web, just too many to post here. I have provided you with a few good links though. Today Imladris posted a few new ones to hit the web and AICN posted a link to a pic that showed what Nazgul looked like uncloaked. Only the site that they linked to, Elostririon have withdrawn the pic by the request of New Line Cinema. It was pretty cool, but check out their site anyway.

Update: 3/5/01

Ian Holm has been talking to E! Online about his invlovement with Fellowhip; “It's always nice to come back to a book you know and love. Bilbo isn't heavily involved in Lord of The Rings, apart from the handing over of the Ring. There are a couple of flashbacks in the film that Peter [Jackson] suddenly realized he wanted. So, it was interesting going from my own age forward into old age with extraordinary prosthetics and backward to when Bilbo was younger. The makeup people made some judicious little tucks under my chin. It's amazing what they can do; I was young again!” He then went into detail on the make up process; “In the third film, when Bilbo is very, very, very old, Peter wanted to use stenciling on my face, which I wasn't all that keen on. So, my makeup artist made me a mask. I tried it on and didn't recognize myself. You completely disappear but for your eyes. I walked on set, and Ian McKellen paused and said, "Ooooh." So, we went with the mask.” Apparentley Holm spent seven hours in the make up chair every day!

Lord Of The Rings - The Fellowship Of The Ring Lord Of The Rings - The Fellowship Of The Ring
Images (c) New Line Cinema

9/3/01 - A second teaser posted has surface for Fellowship Of The Ring. This one shows Elijah Wood looking down at the ring in his hand. Not all that different but you can see it by clicking here. Dark Horizons

3/3/01 - Shooting has completed on this, the first of three movies adapted from Tolkien's novels. An impressive cast line up, an acclaimed director and a mass of hype surround the film whick looks like it will be the film of the year (even though it's not released until December). The teaser trailer has appeared on the net and looks great. In theaters people have been paying for movies such as Proof Of Life, watching this teaser and walking out. Expectation has not been this great since The Phantom Menace was released. The films official website apparently received 40 million hits in just one weekend, that's how popular this series is going to be. The plot, well it all revolves around a powerful ring that must be found by a group of humans and hobbits in order to save 'middle earth'. The film has been shot back to back with the other two films at a reported budget of around $190 million, although some unconfirmed reports say that is more likely $280 million. The films will feature 77 speaking parts, 1500 effects, about 300 locations, minature shots filmed in a massive 24,000 square foot warehouse, all of the movie props created in two scales (hobbit size and Ga